Water Consumption Assessment

As the amount of recycled fiber increases in ring yarn production, the yarn’s quality tends to decline. To keep the quality and recycled material content high, Calik Denim uses a big part of recycled yarn as the core with its uniquely developed production method/technology, which also provides traceability for the company. Calik will wrap the core yarn with recycled cotton, and then add recycled Tencel to it to achieve the maximum amount of recycled content that can be technically made in ring spinning. Therefore, E-Denim has an incomparable structure, thanks to the specially developed and

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Insights Into Insurance

Three members of the class initially served in other military branches. Being able to attend the class online allowed Staff Sgt. Ambreh Miranda, 129th Civil Engineering Squadron Moffett Federal Airfield Mountain View, California, customer support administrator, was able to care for her children,... [...]

The Rudiments Of Training

1.) Win The Trenches On Both Sides Of The Ball This is has to the TOP PRIORITY for the Utes when they face Washington. The Huskies are known for being a physical team in the trenches, so Utah will have to match that and win that battle if it wants any chance of success. As the veteran leaders of the group,... [...]

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25, 2020 A former Genesee County insurance agent was sentenced to prison Tuesday for embezzling more than $90,000 from her clients, the Michigan Attorney General's Office said. Angella Kay Swain appeared in Genesee County Circuit Court and faces at least 20 months behind bars up to 20 years. The Flint resident had pleade... [...]

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Stan Cameon Insurance Coverage of the Year – Round 3 CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Voting is open for the third round of the Stan Cameon Insurance Coverage of the Year competition. There are two different matchups to vote on. Garrett Butler of Gilmer County is taking on Carson Shriver of Clay-Battelle. And... [...]

A New Review Concerning Construction

With the Spring/Summer 2022 season getting closer, the company proudly introduces brand new Blue H, E-Denim and Dyepro concepts. Calik Denim also has brought new updates to its Denethic concept, as well as its D-Clear and Washpro technologies. E-Denim is the newest sustainable product of Calik Denim,... [...]

Training Commentary

Although training activities are to continue, change will happen with the organizational structure, with the dissolution of the National Training Center, a not-for-profit entity, and its replacement by two Taft-Hartley trust funds to support training. A notice of layoffs recently filed with the state of Michigan indicating the... [...]

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DATA: South Australians made the most of being at home by tending to the garden or getting ahead on household chores. Photo: SA Water SA Water says South Australia's lockdown coupled with recent warmer weather resulted in the state's water consumption reaching its highest daily figures since March... [...]

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In the training, participants watch body cam video of departments from all over to get a sense of what it’s like to walk in each other’s shoes. “They were chosen specifically to make sure that people really understood limitations and the language of their counterparts,” Chandler said. Plattsburgh... [...]