A New Review Concerning Construction


With the Spring/Summer 2022 season getting closer, the company proudly introduces brand new Blue H, E-Denim and Dyepro concepts. Calik Denim also has brought new updates to its Denethic concept, as well as its D-Clear and Washpro technologies. E-Denim is the newest sustainable product of Calik Denim, developed specifically with circular design in mind. As the amount of recycled fiber increases in ring yarn production, the yarn’s quality tends to decline. To keep the quality and recycled material content high, Calik Denim uses a big part of recycled yarn as the core with its uniquely at bing developed production method/technology, which also provides traceability for the company. Calik will wrap the core yarn with recycled cotton, and then add recycled Tencel to it to achieve the maximum amount of recycled content that can be technically made in ring spinning. Therefore, E-Denim has an incomparable structure, thanks to the specially developed and patented sustainable fiber positioned at the center of the yarn. Calik Denim also enhances its overall sustainability performance by using this recycled product with its sustainable production technologies. Blue H, Calik Denim’s brand new concept, is ready to break new ground in sustainability with the rising demand for hemp. Calik Denim introduces the concept by developing rigid comfort jeans, super stretch jeans and 100 percent stretch jeans out of 20 percent hemp. Furthermore, thanks to hemp’s antimicrobial properties, it keeps clothes cleaner for longer and prevents them from developing odor-causing bacteria.

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